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123 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19106


The Healing Arts Center provides everything you need to reach your health and wellness goals. Whether you're seeking acute or chronic pain relief, stress reduction, help with infertility, physical rehabilitation, anti-aging treatments or just plain relaxation, our staff are here to provide safe, effective treatment and classes to help you on your way. Our center's goal is to maximize your body's function, increase energy, give you a higher self-esteem and provide an overall improvement in your quality of life.

We named it the Healing Arts Center because every practitioner on the team has a wide repertoire of integrative techniques and treatments to draw upon. We believe the art of healing is in the creative application of techniques and the mix should always be fresh, responding to the demands of the moment. After all, we believe every patient is unique and every day presents a new challenge that demands our creativity.

Prenatal Self-Care Package

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Package Includes:

3 Chiropractic Sessions (includes an evaluation) 
3 Acupuncture Sessions 

TOTAL = $225-$450*
*Depending on insurance coverage. Includes $20 discount off Acupuncture.

Enter your information below & Ilana will contact you to find a convenient time for your first session.

*We recommend scheduling your acupuncture and chiropractic sessions back to back to maximize the benefits. 

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