Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Chi/Taiji) is an internal martial art that today is practiced more for its health and fitness benefits than for self defense. Tai Chi combines martial arts movements with Qi ( pronounced chee) circulation, breathing and stretching techniques. The training of Tai Chi includes the integration of mind, Qi and body.The same techniques that are capable of developing internal power for self defense also prove to be effective as life prolonging, healing and rejuvenating exercises. These health benefits are the primary contributions that have led to Tai chi’s popularity today.

Tai Chi means supreme ultimate. Chuan means fist or boxing. It also means martial arts techniques or anything to do with the martial arts.Tai Chi’s training methods are based on the mind, energy and intention, not solely muscle strength; sensitivity, not speed or brute force; relaxation, not tension; and a calm, still mind, rather than a violent, aggressive one. In the martial arts world these qualities give Tai chi a more spiritual tone then many other martial arts.

Goals and Objective of Tai Chi Chuan

Our objective is to communicate Tai Chi as easy, simple, natural, and enjoyable. To allow the student to experience Tai Chi in a dedicated, focused, respectful and peaceful class setting, while appreciating Tai Chi as a martial art, prescription for health, a meditation and as the physical manifestation of traditional Taoist philosophy. We provide quality instruction that motivates, inspires and facilitates the students’ love and enthusiasm for Tai Chi.

Anyone, regardless of age or physical ability can practice Tai Chi since Tai Chi emphasizes technique over strength, using internal energy development rather than external force.

Advanced 6 -7pm


Mixed 12-1pm

Mixed 9am-10am

Class Structure

Dr. Silverman structures his classes to reflect the martial, health and internal aspects of Tai Chi Chuan. He begins class with warmup exercises and progresses to Qi Gong, (breathing exercises to promote Qi flow and the concentration of Qi in the body) Dr. Silverman then in small groups and individually teaches postures and movements of the form being studied.

Classes are taught through a systematic approach to stance, posture and forms training while also giving insight into the martial arts applications. This provides a strong foundation to the students Tai Chi practice. Students are taught both Sun and yang style Tai Chi Chuan.

Integrating Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises into the class schedule also helps students appreciate and experience the meditative aspects of Tai Chi.

Hand Forms

  • Compact Sun Style Form
  • 24 Movement Yang Style Form
  • 40 Movement Yang Style Form
  • 42 Movement Competition Form

Weapon Forms

  • 32 movement Yang Style Tai Chi Fan
  • 32 Movement Yang Style Tai Chi Straight Sword Form
  • 48 Movement Yang Style Tai Chi Broadsword Form

Specialized Classes

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis
  • Tai Chi for Back Pain

What to Wear
Wear comfortable clothing to be able to move freely and sneakers or Tai Chi shoes.

“Remember, when moving, there is no place that does not move.
When still, there is no place that is not still.”
Wu Yu-Hsiang


Dr. Barry Silverman has studied Tai Chi Chuan for the past 21 years and he has taught Tai Chi for the past 12 years.

As a chiropractor Dr. Silverman has become keenly aware of the relation between balance, motion and alignment. He has found that Tai chi can enhance the structural integrity of a person’s posture, improve coordination, balance and ease of movement.

Dr. Silverman has studied 3 of the major styles of Tai Chi Chuan: Chen style, Sun style and Yang style, including both hand and weapons forms. He teaches both Sun and Yang styles of Tai Chi in his classes. Dr. Silverman has also been certified by Dr. Paul Lam and Tai Chi for Health to teach Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for back pain.

Dr. Silverman has competed at martial arts tournaments over the past 7 years and won many medals including: 4 gold medals at the First Hong Kong International Wushu Tournament in 2006; gold and silver medals at the Tiger Claw Elite Qualifer at the Capitol Classic in 2007; gold and silver medals at the 2007 Kuoshu Championship International Tournament; and silver medals at the 2008 Kuoshu Championship International Tournament.

Practicing, competing and teaching Tai Chi has become, over the years, a passion for Dr. Silverman. It has enriched his life immeasurably as a martial art, as an exercise for health and fitness and as a spiritual practice.


  • 80.00/month (4 classes)
  • 170.00/ 3 month (1/ class/week)
  • 110.00/month ( unlimited classes/month)
  • 250.00/ 3 months ( unlimited classes/ week)

Private Instruction available. Call for information.

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